Where could you be?

Aug 29, 2016


Where could you be?

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The purpose of this post will be clear in minute but I have to begin by asking, “Where could you be?”

I mean, where could you be in life right now? If it weren’t for all the road blocks, distractions, and anything else that keeps you from your mission or goal. We all are born with a mission or goal that we may or may not be aware of. This mission can compel us to make certain choices in life, without realizing it. Choices you have made have been for the greater good of your mission.

Now, here’s the thing. Nothing says your mission or goal has to be completed. It is on YOU. So why are you letting distractions and other nuisances get in the way of your mission? Everyone’s mission is different and not everyone’s mission is right. However, it is their duty to fulfill their life mission.

I ask this question to spark your memory, think about decisions you’ve made in your life. Are there common themes, patterns, or ideas? If you look closely you might get a glimpse at what your life mission is. Stay focused, stay clean, and keep moving forward.

Progress makes us all feel good, keep making progress and you will never fail, but rather you’ll always be learning. To fail is to learn.

We all fail, some more than others but at the end of the day we move on. Everyday is a new day to start or move towards something great. This world is full of opportunities and this blog is here to help you realize that. Never settle, even in times of little to no faith.


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